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Overhaul & Repair Services

Overhauls, CLA, clean lube and adjust. Like the phrase "cleaning marks' for lenses, it's hard to know what people really mean by these terms.

I do overhauls as a general rule. By this I mean that I go over every part and system of a camera to evaluate the mechanical functioning and condition, and the cleanliness and lubrication of the parts. This usually means taking the camera down to the "frame" and rebuilding it. This allows for full evaluation and reconditioning. This also usually involves replacing certain parts as a matter of course- mainly leatherette coverings and TLR mirrors, often focusing screens, and other parts. When replacement parts are needed, I will either source an original, or on occasion I will fabricate a new part.

I also do repairs to specific parts of a camera when it makes the most sense. Sometimes a full overhaul is overkill.

Below are some specific cameras that I specialize in. I work on many other cameras, so please ask.

As a general rule I do not work on the following: Leica, Hasselblad, 35mm SLRs. And digital cameras, nope (I love digital cameras, I use digital cameras, but they make different demands for repair work and I will leave this to others).

Minolta Autocords

Probably the best value in a quality TLR with a great lens.

Also focus lever replacement

Rolleiflex & Rolleicord

The best made TLRs, pure and simple, with great lenses.

Kodak Medalist

120 Conversion

Unique design from WWII, great lens. Converting to 120 film makes this an everyday shooter.

Medium Format Folders

Great value in many cases, but with limitations.

Shutters & Lenses

Large Format and Medium Format shutters and lenses

35mm Rangrfinders

Canon LTM series cameras- P, VI-L, 7, 7s, etc.

Olympus 35 RC and others

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