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Having spent 30 years in a variety of small-run machine shops and prototyping operations, I still enjoy hacking thing together.

Happy to discuss any ideas or projects you might have. Either a camera from scratch, or modifying an existing camera, or making Franken-cameras...

This is a 6x9 camera made from a few different parts. The film back is  a Graflex Singer. The back panel it attaches to is from a Burke & James press camera. The focusing helical is from a Pentax 50mm f/2 lens. There is a machined insert to hold the Ilex Acugon 47mm lens in the focus helical.

That's about a 21mm equivalent. Pretty fun to use in crowds, etc. Scale focusing, guesstimated framing (although I do have a finder that mounts, holding this at chest height and guessing works well).

Because this is a prototype for my personal use, I haven't yet finshed off the joints, etc. Electrical tape is an effective- but ugly- preventer of light leaks. Proper machining and assembly and finishing is better, of course.

18 Dec 8-2 12 xq.jpg
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