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Repairs: Please contact me before sending in equipment. Provide as much information as possible about your equipment- any common names, labels on camera or lens, shutter model, etc. I want to be certain that it is a camera or lens that I am set up to work on, and discuss the problems, possible options, etc.

Sales: Please contact me for any questions, specific details or photos, etc. Also contact me for payment; I am a small operation and list items in more than one place, so let's be certain you get what you want.

I am happy to discuss possible fabrication ideas, recommend cameras and other equipment, or recommend how to make the best use of any equipment. Please contact me.



honestly, email is best!

Mailing Address

Dan Daniel Cameras

PO Box 126
Morrisonville, NY 12962​

Thanks! I will get back to you soon.

Our Services

- Overhauls & Repairs

- Camera Sales, sort of

- Fabrication

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Contact Us


Tel: 510-570-3706

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