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Repairs: Please contact me before sending in equipment. Provide as much information as possible about your equipment- any common names, labels on camera or lens, shutter model, etc. I want to be certain that it is a camera or lens that I am set up to work on, and discuss the problems, possible options, etc.

Sales: Please contact me for any questions, specific details or photos, etc. Also contact me for payment; I am a small operation and list items in more than one place, so let's be certain you get what you want.

I am happy to discuss possible fabrication ideas, recommend cameras and other equipment, or recommend how to make the best use of any equipment. Please contact me.

Thanks! I will get back to you soon.

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Dan Daniel Cameras

PO Box 291
Chazy, NY 12921​



honestly, email is best!

Our Services

- Overhauls & Repairs

- Camera Sales, sort of

- Fabrication

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